To Do or Not to Do – That is the Question

All of my favorite professional development books sing its praises. It helps to focus your efforts like a laser and keep from being overwhelmed by the volume of your work. It is so simple, and yet so difficult to follow through and use it.

It is your “Not to Do” list.

Probably even more important than your “To Do” list, your “Not to Do List” (NTDL) helps you identify thos tasks that you know are not central to success, and yet seem to drain so much time and energy. Having a NTDL gives you permission to say “no” to things that will limit your productivity and add to your stress.

Resources are scarce – both money and time – and yet we frequently add to our “To Do” lists without taking anything off. I’ve seen this in every department in which I’ve worked. We all want to be liked and seen as a team player. That makes it hard to say no to requests. But reallocating your energy and resources away from the least important projects allows you to pump up your results on the things that matter most.

It is amazing how much power is in that little, two-letter word. “No.” Make a difference in your work environment by starting a personal NTDL. Maybe it will catch on!


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One Response to To Do or Not to Do – That is the Question

  1. Nick says:

    Great post, Not to do lists in most cases have proven to work better than to do lists! Psychologically it’s a great tool to keep yourself focused on the finish line and not the side line when completing any task. I encourage all to try it!

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