New Online Career Curriculum!

Just wanted to announce the new career discovery curriculum I have finalized and added to the site! I’ve taken the key concepts that I use in my individual career counseling sessions, and that I write about in the upcoming book, and packaged them together in a self-paced career discovery curriculum for you.

The curriculum breaks down the career exploration process into five steps, from understanding the pieces of good career decision-making, to uncovering the specials skills that God has equipped you with, identifying your passions, enhancing your marketability, and creating a central concept that can guide your career choices for years to come. I’ve also added a set of resources on college planning and some traditional professional development tools.

This is a robust package that will give you a comprehensive plan for career selection. All of the pieces are in easy-to-use pdf format, including presentations, instructions, activities, and a summary worksheet for you to record all of your findings.

I want to make this easily available, so I’m offering access to it for a low price of $15 a month for people to work at their own pace. If you know someone who needs career help, here’s a way to get them career coaching at their own pace from their own computer!

Visit the Career Course page for more information or to purchase access, or email me at with questions. Enjoy!

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