Long-Term Seeds

This week I was happy to be able to provide graduation remarks for the Cornerstone homeschool group in Pennsylvania. Several hundred relatives and friends watched as their graduates crossed over into the next phase of their lives. A mixture of casual and formal, the ceremony even included music performed by the graduates.

I enjoyed speaking, but the real highlight for me was some encouragement that I received from one of the parents. When I arrived, one of the moms introduced herself, saying, “You probably don’t remember me, but my oldest son attended a workshop you gave about nine years ago. It was  so helpful for him. You actually used his assessment results as an example and helped him see some things about himself that he has used to this day. He is doing great. He recently graduated with an engineering degree and is working for a government agency.”

Wow, we may plant and water, but God makes it grow! You just never know how He may use something, even years later. I find that really encouraging, and humbling at the same time. How often do we do something and think that it makes no real difference, or that it goes unnoticed? But our small investments in others, when multiplied by God’s power, can make a big impact.

Businesses have to focus on their quarterly earnings to keep their investors happy. Every three months they get a report card. But investing in people doesn’t work like that. Results come over time, and they often come quietly, without a lot of fa

So keep planting those long-term seeds – caring for someone, showing kindness, giving of your wisdom and time, patiently teaching your kids, etc. They may seem like small things, maybe even unimportant things, but that is how seeds work. You just never know which ones might sprout into something big and beautiful.

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