Internships: The New Interview

Internships have become an incredibly important tool in planning for and securing a position coming out of college. It is a common phrase among career professionals, “Internships are the new interview.” Bad hires cost companies more in today’s competitive marketplace, and so does recruiting. Companies now use internships as a favorite way to test out new talent and be sure they know what they are getting before they hire.

This means that incorporating an internship into a college experience is more essential than ever for young professionals, and the trend is for students to try to complete more than one such experience. Not all colleges provide the structure for this, but that is likely to change.

Take a look at the following infographic to see the latest data on the importance of internships.

internships infographic 2014 Infographic: Internships Survey and 2014 Internship Trends
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The principle applies to those going back to school, as well as those who are well beyond their college experience. Employers are looking to minimize their risks by trying out employees ahead of time. If you are looking to make a job or career change, but don’t have the option of a formal internship, volunteer, job shadow, or offer to do a project free to get experience. Build a portfolio and help the employer get a sense of your working style.
Win the job before the interview!

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2 Responses to Internships: The New Interview

  1. Bobby Audley says:

    Great post Aaron! Another benefit of interning early is for your own self discovery. I had a GREAT internship directly related to my major of study during the summer before my Junior year in college. However, I discovered during this experience that what I thought I had wanted since as long as I could remember, was actually NOT what I wanted! Instead of having to make a career change later in life, I was able to make a career plan change with two years left in my college experience. This allowed me to land a second internship during my Senior year in my new field of interest and hit the ground running in a career of my passion as soon as I graduated. I often site these two internships as key in my own self discovery process and as your post notes, my second internship directly led to successfully landing my current job.

    • ambasko says:

      Thanks Bobby! You are absolutely correct. Internships are not just about making yourself marketable. They ae also a fantastic way to figure outwho you are and what you were made to do! Thanks for sharing great inight.

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